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What We Offer

Our Workshops have three components:

  • We can provide financial education workshops on a variety of topics.

  • We offer each attendee the opportunity to create their own customized financial game plan in the comfort of their own home. 

  • We can assign each attendee their own financial representative to answer any questions he or she might have.


  • We create a strategic partnership with your organization to offer a free, in-house education program for your members.

  • Our structured platform supports your existing benefits programs, and does not compete with them.

  • Typically, financial wellness programs and workshops are a top-tier benefit that previously were only offered by some Fortune 500 companies to their employees. We've made this benefit accessible to small- and mid-sized companies, churches, & community organizations.

  • Our workshops can work to reduce or alleviate many of the financial questions employees bring to the human resources department by providing a forum for employees to ask questions.

Complementary Workshops

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Building Your Financial House

Is it time to put your financial house in order? Learn how to set goals to achieve your dreams. You'll understand key concepts to plan for retirement, pay off credit card or loan debts efficiently, build savings for education, protect your income and much more.

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Marriage and Money

Everyone looks forward to their honeymoon, but what about the “moneymoon?” Whether you are getting married or have been married for decades, come and learn. Creating a few simple programs in your relationship can lead to nuptial and financial bliss in the long run! Plan for the unexpected and eliminate debt. As a couple, create a total financial strategy. Spouse or partner is highly encouraged to be with you.

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Financial Wellness Workshop

Did you know, 46% of workers spend three hours or more during the workweek thinking about or dealing with financial issues?* 53% of workers report being stressed about their finances.* When employees' financial issues affect their performance at work, those "lost hours" can really add up and have a significant impact on an employer's bottom line. We create a strategic partnership with your company to offer a free, in-house financial education program for your employees. Our structured platform supports your existing benefits programs and does not compete with them.


*, "What Employees' Financial Unwellness Is Costing Their Companies," September 7, 2017

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Investing at Retirement

Over the next few years, more than 82 million people in the United States will be entering retirement. Are you one of them? Whether you're retiring now or a few years down the road, make sure you're on track to live the retirement of your dreams. No matter where you are, armed with this simple, yet powerful retirement information you can learn how to avoid the mistakes so many others make.

Financial Reports

Keeping More of What You Earn: 

An Introduction to Tax-Free Investing

Learn how to keep more of your hard-earned income by exploring tax-free investing strategies. This course provides a comprehensive overview of various methods and investment vehicles that can legally and ethically minimize tax liabilities. Gain insights into tax-efficient investment strategies, leverage tax laws to your advantage, and make informed decisions to optimize your income and wealth preservation.

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How to Teach Your Kids about Money

Parents:  Don’t you wish your parents had taught you some financial concepts?  Get a leg up and learn how to teach your children how money works?   Do you remember your first paycheck and wondering who Mr. FICA  was and why did he take your money?  This class is designed to help you teach your children simple financial strategies now so they’ll be better equipped to deal with money matters on their own later.  You have the power right now to help your children avoid common money mistakes by helping them grow up “money smart!”  Learn how to help your children to manage money wisely and avoid many of the money mistakes people make.

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How Money Works

Learn the three root causes of financial problems along with an overview of the Rule of 72, the D's of successful investing, credit card traps, debt payoff, life insurance and much more. Understanding these concepts can have an incredible impact on your personal finances. Here is where you can learn and take control.

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Seven Biblical Principles for Financial Freedom

Have you ever wondered why good people work hard, but still struggle? Sometimes great people, believers, that understand the spiritual side of things get stuck with philosophies about money that hold them back. Then, on the other side, we’ve found wealthy people, nonbelievers that weren’t really successful either because they didn’t understand the biblical side. This is about bringing the two sides together. The reality is that we need to know both. That’s what the Lord wants.

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Investing for Success

Americans today are investing a record low percentage of their income. All the while, traditional methods of funding retirement have been in jeopardy. How can this be? Do you want to turn the tide and be prepared for your financial future? If so, come and learn these critical concepts: Understand the Market, the Rule of 72, top problems facing most investors, three factors to protect against, mutual funds, annuities and IRAs, the three D's of successful investing.

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Social Security and Your Retirement

Are you uncertain about the right time to take Social Security benefits or how it fits into your overall financial plan? Whether you are a few years away from retirement or getting ready to retire, this class is designed to provide you with essential knowledge in this area. By attending, you will gain a better understanding of what Social Security entails and how it plays a crucial role in your retirement strategy. This class aims to equip you with the information and insights necessary to make informed decisions regarding Social Security benefits and optimize your retirement planning.

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Financial Success for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you face a multitude of rules and challenges unique to your entrepreneurial journey. With the constant demands of running your business, it can be challenging to find the time to focus on your own financial needs. That's why this course is designed to provide you with essential financial tips and resources tailored specifically to small business owners.


"The Workshops demonstrated a special ability in helping clients with financial matters. The Workshops providing the church with the education and training that was long overdue. Our representative was thoroughly professional, compassionate and knowledgeable."


Reuben Hans


New Beginnings Ministry

"The financial workshop had much farther reaching effects than I had anticipated. The feedback that I received from co-workers is that it helped to bring real clarity to both the short- and long-term financial pictures, which can often be confusing and intimidating."


Mark Koester
President & CEO

Koester Associates, Inc.

"These Workshops have made a difference to my clients and their employees. I have confidence that they will have a positive impact on the people with whom they work. I would highly recommend these educational workshops in any company."


Douglas Duncan

Your HR Solutions, Inc.

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