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• Financial Alignment

• Net Worth or Magic Toaster

• Theory of Decreasing Responsibility

• Building a Solid Financial House

• The Rule of 72

• Tax Refund

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Financial Alignment

Net Worth

• Retirement Rich, Cash Poor

• One Bucket of Money

• Down Market

• Tile Floor


Retirement Rich, Cash Poor

Down Market

One Bucket of Money

Tile Floor

• Funny Banking

• Whole Life

• Universal Life

• Term Life


Funny Banking

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Whole Life

In Production

Term Life

In Production

Universal Life

• Business Models 

• Cashflow Quadrant

• Brokerage



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Cashflow Quadrant

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Business Models

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• Plan for the Future

• Live Below Your Means

• Pursue Debt Freedom

• Understand Investing

• Give Generously

• Leave an Inheritance

• Add Value to Yourself

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Plan for the Future

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Pursue Debt Freedom

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Give Generously

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Live Below Your Means

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Understand Investing

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Leave an Inheritance

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Add Value to Yourself



1. Money Is The Root of All Evil​

2. Rich People Are Greedy

3. Poverty Equals Godliness

4. Poverty Is A Permanent Condition

5. The World Owes Me Something

6. Money Can't Buy Me Happiness

7. Hard Work Pays

8. Good Education Results In A Good Job

9. You Get Paid By The Hour

10. I Can't Afford To Give


1. The Love of Money Is The Root of Evil

2. Anyone Can Be Greedy or Generous

3. Godliness Equals Godliness

4. Poverty Is A State Of Mind

5. Life Is Based On Seed, Not Need *

6. Poverty Can't Buy You Happiness Either

7. Smart Work Pays

8. Profits Are Better Than Wages

9. You Are Paid For The Value You Bring To The Hour

10. You Can't Afford Not To Give

* You Don't get a harvest because you're hungry; you get a harvest because you've planted one!

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